The ideas of self and identity have always been close to my heart, as a queer person who has to live out the difficultly of being known in different ways and having identities that don’t fit shoved on to me. By many I am told that I am a woman, that “God made me this way”, and by some, I am sorted into the category of he/him, as if that makes me more acceptable or valid to those outside the trans community. While there are many things that people have thought me to be, not all have been true, and it is in self-reflection of both what others and what oneself can see that one can know themselves. 

Much of my work follows these themes of searching for self and investigates some of these same challenges that I and other trans people face while being true to the nature of those people. So often I see work talk about how a character or a theme is “LGBT-coded” without being explicit in a text, giving only lip service instead of real representation. I want to see stories written about people like myself and my friends that we can relate to and are so scarcely found. 

As a process driven person, there are a number of steps that come with making a story. The real backbone is text based in nature as I will normally think of a number of ideas and bounce them off a group of other queer friends and story-builders, since while quite a bit of the work is subjective to my own world view, it is good to have input of others . Since it uses storytelling and visuals to engage the viewer in the themes, a large part of the process is dedicated to development of the script and storyboards, which are created at the same time. The last and most time intensive part for me is the actual creation of the comic, going from the storyboard to the finalized piece.